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Canon Printer Review And Driver

This is a blog that discusses all about the review, drivers, and ink cartridge in the Canon Printers. On this main page, I tried to summarize the entire article that I have post before that is expected to be easier for you to find what you need here.


Printers are one of the hardware that functions as a computer output, which serves to print what is displayed on the monitor into a piece of paper. The printer works through commands that have been programmed from a computer or laptop through us humans as brainware. along with the times, now many printers named All in One, such as the Canon PIXMA MG7170 printer.

Part Of Printers

In general, how the printer is very simple, and it's pretty easy to do though a beginner . Printers have significant parts of them

1 . Motherboard / Board

Printer Motherboard
The printer is not the same board with a computer motherboard and a laptop motherboard. both in terms of size and function have difference of all . Board printer chips embedded a variety of programming that has been set automatically using special software. [ In the so-called computer motherboard Bios ] .

The chip is attached to the board that has been in the works run the command manually sets the device is connected via a computer or laptop that has been installed by the software .

2 . Cartridges

Canon Cartridges
Cartridges like a human as if his brain . If his brain also produces less good blunt , if his brain working dilute exam results are also good . Likewise with Cartridge , Cartridge If the print is in use for worn , then the results obtained from these printers are not perfect .

To produce a good quality print ink quality is also needed , in this case has met the standard of print quality . many types of printers that have excellent print quality as Jetprint , BluePrint , DataPrint , Super Ink , and of course many more. Click here to get more information about cartridges

3 . Houses Cartridge

As with processor installed on the socet , Cartridge , too . Cartridge installed in the printer cartridge on the case . How to install the cartridge in the printer is very easy.

4 . Print Head

Print Head
Print Head cartridge is important part in the discharge of its function as a place of ink , both black and color ink .

5 . Chip Board

This chip serves to connect the cartridge to the Board/ Motherboard . Generally, the cable connecting the printer using a flexible and not easily broken by shifting At Cartridge .

6 . Roll Pint

Mechanical rollers arranged containing gear / overdrive as the player who issued the print / paper . In the standard printer roll is composed of a single large rubber rolls that serve a paper .

7 . Adapter

Adapter printer
Same with the laptop , printer also has an adapter that supplies electrical current from AC voltage to DC voltage. It can take voltage about 220V adapter using the printer with an output voltage of 12V .

8 . Case Print

Print Case or casing , generally serves segabai print house . Standard case is usually made of plastic material that is not easily broken . In general, trademarks marketed as Canon , HP, Epson uses the same basic ingredients . The only difference being the color and model of the respective brands

9 . Cable

Printer cables
As with other electronic equipment , as conductor of the cable to the adapter current . Cabel standards are usually small with an average length of 1.5 meters .

Types of Printers

Here are the types of printers are often encountered :

1 . Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Printers
Inkjet printers are printers that use liquid ink that is made up of various colors. These printers are usually used to print documents and images that have many colors ( full Colour ). Some brands of this type of printer that is frequently encountered are : Cannon , Epson etc.

2 . Laserjet Printers

Laserjet Printers
Laserjet printers is a printer that uses ink as ink powder that is almost the same printer with copier . This printer has a print speed that is faster than other printers . however, this type of printer is only able to print one color only.

3 . Dot Matrix Printers

Dot Matrix Printers
Dotmatrik printers is a printer old model is still often used at this time . This printer uses printing inks carbon paper so the print quality of this printer is not as good as other types of printers . The printer model is still frequently encountered in supermarkets or stores that use this printer to print the results of the purchase receipt . The advantages of this printer is more efficient paper and electricity so it is very efficient to use .

Popular Printers Brand

Some printers are popular products sold today :

1 . Canon

Canon logo
Canon printers are the most popular printers sold in the market. Compared with other brand printers, Canon dominates sales in the domestic market / markets in the country of Origin Country of Japan Tokyo , Canon Inc. was founded in 1933 under the name Seiki - kougaku - kenkyuujo or in Indonesian " Precision Optical Laboratory Equipment ". Click Here to get more information about Canon

2 . Epson

Epson Logo
Another name is Epson or Epson Corporation. In addition to printers , the Epson Corporate also produces electronic instruments other multifunctional . Epson is one product that is able to penetrate the world market . The company was founded in 1942 located in Suwa , Nagano , Japan .

3 . Brother

brother logo
Brother Industries, Ltd. is a Altaic international electronics and electrical equipment accompany headquartered in Metropolis, Nippon. Its products countenance printers, multifunction printers, stitchery machines, gigantic organisation tools, judge printers, typewriters, fax machines, and opposite computer-related electronics. Brohter distributes its products both low its own institute and low OEM agreements with added companies.

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