Monday, 6 January 2014

Advantages And Lack Of Canon Printer

Actually canon has several products , ranging from cameras , fax machines , projectors to printers , but this time I will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of canon printer . Let us start from the excess


The prints ( pictures ) pretty good

Why do I say good , because the results are quite
satisfactory as long as you use original ink ( do not use a drip system ) . Because the infusion ink or ink which is called the local results are less satisfactory .

hight Speed

Besides a good picture , you will be in suguhkan the printing process is very fast compared to other printer brands skelas him . eg Canon iP2770 :

Black Print Speed ​​: 7.0 ppm ( pages print perminut )
Colur Print Speed ​​: 4.8 ppm

Advantages And Lack Of Canon Printer

Sturdy Enough sperpart

Why do I say sturdy ? indeed almost all of the Canon printers dropout gan sturdy enough , I rarely find a broken canon Roll Papper , Vacuum , existing sensors in the printer , the mainboard or others.

Economical Prices

All I know is the only canon printer cheapest I've ever found .
because in Bandung brands Epson , Serox or HP , Canon is still much cheaper .
why this is so , because sbenarnya Canon marketing is in fact not on the printer itself , but rather on its cartridge .


The price of cartridges less friendly

The price of cartridges are quite expensive to make canon overwhelmed owners to replace .
the price of one set of cartridges iP2770 for example , the price could reach Rp 400,000 - Rp 450.000/set her .
whereas the price of the printer Rp . 450,000 - Rp . 500,000 .
kebayangkan so that our work reaches rartusan pieces per day , I think ga nyampe one month we have already replace the cartridge again .

Less Support For Using Infusion System

The price of cartridges are very expensive ( for me personally ) makes people think makes this printer an infusion system ( although in my opinion not suitable reply in infusion ) because of my experience of this printer is a bit fussy when using a drip system .
the problem to be posed are:
- Error due to hose drip system interrupt Carig unit
- Error due to the original ink that runs out and replaced with ink that is on infusion tube .

dikarnakan canon marketing lies in the cartridge is not in the printer. So this printer is designed in such a way so as not to be on a drip . why did I say that solid canon printer , this printer is very rare because there is damage to the machine or sperpartnya but rather cartridge quickly broken .
to use the syntax you need to replace the cartridge every 3 months to get maximum print quality . nah kebayangkan if 3 months have to spend almost Rp . 500,000 for a set of cartridges .

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